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More than 1,000 companies trust Hubbard-Hall’s expertise in traditional and electroless plating, blackening and pre-treatment.  They should because we have over 170 years of experience in solving manufacturing’s toughest problems with the best technical experts in the business.

With 556 proprietary products, we bring innovative and sustainable chemistries to metal finishers saving time and money. We take a holistic view of the entire manufacturing process, from pre-treatment all the way through to wastewater treatment. We offer services throughout the northeast that help you find opportunities to be more efficient and get the best results from our chemistry.

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How Can Our Chemistry and Expertise Help You Improve Your Process?

Metal Finishing Processes

Electroless Nickel Plating

• Phosphorous content requirements – 1%-5% low phosphorous, 6%-9% mid phosphorous, 10%-12% is high phosphorous
• Deposit brightness – deposits can be dull, semi-bright or mirror bright depending on customer requirements
• Production requirements – mid phos can plate twice as fast on a new make-up
• Corrosion resistance – 1 mil of high phos should give 1000 salt spray hours, 1 mil of mid phos should give 100 hours
• Composite coatings – EN Teflon, EN Boron Nitride, EN Diamond

Zinc Plating

• Alkaline Zinc – Cyanide free bright deposit, great throwing power with excellent corrosion protection
• Acid Zinc – Excellent brightness, operates with or without Boric acid, High temperature tolerance
• Alkaline Zinc-Nickel – Superior corrosion protection, ease of use additives
• Acid Zinc-Nickel – Excellent corrosion protection, high productivity
• Passivates – Clear, Clear blue, Yellow, black and CR (VI) – free
• Sealers- Organic or inorganic

Tin Plating

• Bright
• Matte
• 60/40 Tin Lead
• 90/10 Tin Lead

Nickel Plating

• Bright
• Semi-Bright
• Sulfamate

Black Oxide Coatings

• Hot or cold options
• Powder or liquid additives

Metal finishing legend- Jason Potts, sheds some light on electroless nickel; 5 ways to extend your bath life.

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